I would like to include in this page information about bands. Example: Who is playing in the band, who has played in the band, a profile on the band, a bio on the band, where the band is playing, how can someone get in touch with your band. If your band has a web site with all that information send me the link, I'll post the link. If your band does NOT have a web site, I would like to post information about your band. Hopefully, through this web site we can promote Tambura music even better. The goals is to increase band bookings and if enough people know to come to this web site to look for a band, everyone wins!!

So if you have information on a band or you are the person in the band who takes care of this kind of stuff, I would like to get info from you so I can post it this web site , please email Chris at the guy with the hat!!
I've had people ask "What is this going to cost??"   Nothing, I'm posting this to help promote Tamburitza music and to get contact information from the bands for the people who are interested in your band. So please send me your information. But, if you feel you would like to make a donation, please contact me.

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