This page is for information about the Junior Tamburitza groups. I'll post information about your Junior group. If you have a web site just send me a link. If you would like to give me information about your group please email it to me.

Please email them to Chris at the guy with the hat!!

Information you might want to send me is, city and state you are located in, the director, how many in your group, how long has your group been together, who can they contact if they want to join your group, do you offer lessons, how often do you practice, how many performance do you do a year? You can include information about your fund raisers and just about anything else you would like us to know about. Email me a picture of your group and I'll put it with the information you send me.


People are asking "What is this going to cost?"   Nothing, I'm posting this to help promote Tamburitza music and to get contact information from the groups for the people who are interested in your group. So please send me your information. But, if you feel you would like to make a donation, please contact me.

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