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This is a very old photograph (circa 1922) of a tambura band in Youngstown, Ohio. The berda player was my
grandfather, George Stanec of Niles, Ohio.

After this picture appeared in the Zajednicar, I got a call from Chuck Klemovic (I hope I spelled that correctly)
from the Cleveland area. Chuck told me the guy next to the berda player was his father George Klemovic.
If you can identify anyone else in this picture please let me know.
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Chris Thomas, the guy with the hat

The Tamburitza Association of America Extravaganza in Chicago 2009 pictures and slideshow! SORRY Not yet working!

TThe Detroit Tamburitza Orchestra 50th anniversary concert weekend pictures DTO Concert weekend.

Pictures from the San Francisco Tamburitza Festival February 16 & 17, 2008. Click here!!

Tamburitza Association of Amercia tamburitza Extravaganza in Reno NV 2007 Click here to view pictures.
Here is a link to Reno pictures that Sandra took Extravaganza at the Reno Extravaganza.
JUST ADDED more pictures of the Reno Extravaganza. Pictures taken by Maja Smith Click here.
Pictures on the Reno Extravaganza Web Site Click Here!!!
More Pictures click here.

Here are some links with pictures from the Halfway to the Extravaganza Bonanza held on March 9-11, 2007

Here are some pictures from the San Francisco Tamburitza Festival February 17 & 18, 2007 click here to view pictures.

The Detroit Tamburitza Extravaganza Photos, Just Click here

T.A.A. Tambuirtza 2005 Los Angeles Extravaganza Pictures.

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