San Francisco Tamburitza Festival
February 17 & 18, 2007
Tamburaski Orkestar Momci from Detroit, MI.
At the Croatian American Cultural Center of San Francisco
60 Onondaga Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112
for more information
Phone: (510) 649-0941

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WOW!!! What a peformance by Momci!!

Here is what Tom Yeseta said about the San Francsico Tamburitza Extravaganza!!
Saturday night's dance began with a jam session including musicians from Momci, Yeseta Bros., Sidro, Slavonian Traveling Band, and Novi Stari Tamburasi, playing in the center of the hall and surrounded by kolo dancers...
Sunday's program began with a presentation by Mark Forry on the transition of the tamburica from solo instrument to orchestral instrument; Ken Kosovec led an orchestra that included Ken, Dennis, David and Peter Kosovec, Dario Barisic, Tom and John Yeseta and Mark Forry, demonstrating music composed or arranged for (large) tamburica orchestra. They played Romansa u G dur (Njikos), Izador Bajic Suite 2 (Vukosavljev), Vu plavem trnaci (Prejac), and Sunrise, Sunset (arr. Pavlekovich).
Next the six-man tambura orchestra from San Jose, Sidro, performed. This group usually presents Dalmatian and zabavna repertoire, but surprised us this year with Slavonian...
They were followed by Momci: Ken, Dennis, Dave, Pete, and Dario...
Then came the fifteen-member St. Anthony Orchestra, which performed: Savica koracnica, Kaj, Dodji u Kastela, Ja sam mladi Dalmatinac, Bunjevacko momacko kolo, Bere cura plav jorgovan, Kraj Vrbasa, U Stambulu na Bosporu, Tuzna je nedjelja, and Pjesma Zabrebu.
Dance sets followed the program, and eventually all adjourned to the bar. You know what happened there...

San Francisco Tamburitza Extavaganza Click here to view some photos

Here is the "Official" San Francisco Tamburtiza Festival web site!!